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Main Events

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Kolede 05.01

Kolede fire (Christmas Eve bonfire)

Vodici 19.01

Vodici - (Theophany)

March of living people 11.03

Traditional manifestation dedicated to the victims of Jewesh population who were departured from Bitola during the World War II

Jazz Factory Festival

Jazz Factory Festival 13.04-15.04

International Monodrama Festival-Bitola

International Monodrama Festival-Bitola

The Small Montmartre of Bitola - 23-30.05

THE SMALL MONTMARTRE OF BITOLA, organized by the 56 year old Children&Art Studio Saints&Cyril and Methodius Bitola, with a tradition of 43 years, this art colony is a true festival of colors, art panels and paintbrushes, world youth ... Bitola manifestation will remain to be the world’s art workshop, which participants, besides creating art masterpieces in all art techniques, create their own world of friendships spreading the messages of peace worldwide. Manifestation is accepted from the entire world: by the art talents and art pedagogues from Australia, China, Iran, Russian Federation, South and North America, from the majority of the European Union countries (total 24 delegations from 22 different country’s). The organizers of Bitola manifestation Children Art Studio Saints&Cyril and Methodius - Bitola, thanks to TSMB gained the priceless art fortune with more than 1.500.000 beautiful children art work made from children all over Europe and worldwide. This year 2024 is dedicated to the founder Mr. Kosta Hadji-Antonovski. Visit them !

25th edition of the International Festival of MONODRAMA, Bitola 25.05-31.05

FREEDOM LIVES HERE Where the shadows meet the spotlight, freedom finds its stage A festival where every silence speaks volumes and celebrates the power of solo expression FREEDOM LIVES HERE.

Traditional memorial march on Pelister, Dimitar Ilievski Muratot 10.05-11.05

Manifestation organized in honour to the first Macedonian mountaineer ever - who conquer the highest peak in the world Mount Everest.

Europe day – 09.05

Europe Day held on 9 May every year celebrates peace and unity in Europe

Women's Night Race - "Be yourself" 15.06

Women's Night Race - "Be yourself"

Bitola Otvoren Grad – 22 nd International Youth Festival 23.06-25.06

Bitola Otvoren Grad – 22 nd International Youth Festival 23.06-25.06

Ilindenski Denovi

The National festival for folk songs and dances “Ilindenski denovi” , Bitola was established in 1971. A great idea was born, a wish of a group of professionals, enthusiasts, dreamers, visionaries, an idea which became reality. A springhead, a glowing heart of a cultural organism has been created. A heart which beats, motivates, initiates, boosts, educates. This festival is dedicated to the most hardworking people and their creations which endured the criteria of value through time. This is a Festival which presents, promotes and documents the deed of priceless folk cultural tradition. Thousands of folk artists, millions of visitors, numerous photos, audio, video documents, telegraphed materials, documents for the next generations. On all four parts of the world, the Festival realized its mission, sent messages, thus attracting a great number of authentic values of the cultural heritage fans.

Balkan ethno-fusion festival Lokum fest-music&tradition 18.07-20.07

Balkan ethno-fusion festival Lokum fest-music&tradition

Festival of Traditional Folk Songs 11.08-12.08

Festival of Traditional Folk Songs

Akto - Festival for Contemporary arts

Regional festival for Contemporary art which inclueds visual arts, performing arts, music, theory of culture etc.

Pelister Downhill Cup 26.08-27.08

This year Pelister Downhill Cup will take place for the 11th time,on 26 and 27 of August on the best downhill track in the Balkans, at Kopanki, Pelister. We are expecting participans from more than 10 countries, including the Balkan and other countries. For more information please visit our instagram profile extreme_biketeam and Facebook page Pelister downhill cup.

White Night 23.08-24.08

Music Street festival on the main Srteet Shirok Sokak. Unique by it is atmoshere with dress code white which is accepted by all the participants.

Manaki Brothers Film Festival

The International Cinematographers’ Film Festival “MANAKI BROTHERS” is the first and oldest film festival in the world dedicated to the creativity of cinematographers. It started in 1979 with the initiative of one of the main founders – MFPA. Established in honor and inspired by the abundant photographic/cinematographic opus of the MANAKI brothers: Yanaki and Milton. The festival grew with great potential and in 1991 was transformed into an International Festival of world cinemas represented with feature films, competing for the three festival awards: The Golden, Silver and Bronze Camera 300. Thus Bitola became the Mecca of the best international cinematographers, discovering many new talents who are today deemed superb wizards of film photography and cinema aesthetics.Daryl HANNAH, Catherine DENEUVE, Juliette BINOCHE, Roger DEAKINS,Claudia CARDINALE etc., are just some of the laureates and guests who were once here. Every September Bitola becomes the center of European films.


Runners can compete in 5K, 10K, and 21K races. With over 1500 participants in the latest race, it incorporates both the Balkan Half Marathon Championship and the National Half Marathon Championships. Once again, on the 3rd of September this year, we will host the best Balkan runners. Participants will compete in 5, 10, and 21 km courses in Bitola, while a large audience, bands, and DJs at fun zones contribute to the running boom sweeping the country. "You come to Bitola to run at TRCHAJ BE" - is the slogan for this year's 5th jubilee running race.

Interfest 02.10-12.10

International festival of classical music – Interfest

International Festival of Amateur Documentary Movie - "Camera 300"

Film as an art, presents Bitola as a film city of two international festivals: The Manaki Brothers Film Festival - a world director's film festival and the festival of non-professional documentary film category FADF Camera 300.

Festival of World Music

Festival of World Music will be held in the NI Center of Culture

Liberation day 04.10

Liberation day

Winter Story 15.12.24-01.01.2025

Winter Story from 15.12.24 -01.01.2025

New Year's Eve

Celebration of New Year's Eve at he House of Officers with concerts, fireworks etc.