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About Bitola

Welcome to Bitola, a city famous for its charm and hospitality with many cultural and historical spots, unique traditions and architecture. This is a city that narrates the stories of serenades, pianos and love. The city of Consuls, The city of pianos, The city of fashion, The city of the first camera in the Balkans…All these nicknames are associated with our first love, the city of Bitola.
Being on a crossroad between the East and the West throughout many centuries, “Manastir” (the Turkish name for Bitola) has been a cosmopolitan city for a long period, in terms of European architecture, residents and religious temples.
The first consulate in Bitola was established in 1851 by the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Bitola was the city of consuls almost nine decades, around one hundred consuls performed their diplomatic missions until the World War II. Inhabitants often praise that the city entered the 20th century with phaeton carriages and 3.000 pianos. A lot of evidence proves that more than 600 songs were written and published about Bitola, more than any other city in Europe.

The idea of this website is to be your tourist, cuisine, cultural and entertainment guide during your stay in the most charming city in the Republic of Macedonia. Whatever you choose, wherever you go, we are sure that you will enjoy yourself and receive a warm welcome, quality service and create new friendships and unforgettable memories.

We will be happy to show you our cultural heritage, tasty food, traditional events and many more.

Make yourself at home and just enjoy. 

Important numbers & facts

• Elevation: 580 meters above the sea level
• Population: 85.164
• Phone code + 389 47
• Postal code 7000
• Emergency numbers
Police 192
Fire department 193
Ambulance 194
Road Emergency help 196

Road distance from Bitola to:

• Prespa Lake - 38km
• Krusevo - 53km
• Ohrid - 69km
• Skopje - 169km
• Airport Ohrid - 77km
• Airport Skopje - 152km
• Airport Thessaloniki (Greece) - 250km
• Tirana (Albania) - 198km
• Thessaloniki (Greece)- 220km
• Athens (Greece) - 565km
• Belgrade (Serbia) - 566 km
• Sofia (Bulgaria) - 368 km
• Istanbul (Turkey) - 815km